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April 13, 2005



Hmmmm... Well, I'm pretty sure "total" means to say that it's basically scrap metal by the time he's finished with it. So it's probably going to be what your car would be worth (in working condition, of course).

About the other guy saying he was pushed into you, I can only say that he'd have to have a pretty fuckin' nasty completely smashed rear-end to hold that story up. I mean, look at the damages to your car and the damages to the guy you were bumped into. Less damage, yes? In any case, there's no way he could have been bumped into you with NO damage to his own back bumper. So get that checked out and you should be fine. Unless he actually crashes into a wall or something to avoid having to pay, in which case, a wall crash should still look different to a car smash anyway, so I don't think he has a case.

Wow. I totally feel like a private I by now! Or would you prefer a private dick, perhaps?


Insurance companies consider a car a "total loss" if the cost of fixing it is 70% or more than the current value of the car. You'll get what your car is currently worth, in it's pre-accident condition. This includes deducations for it not being well maintained as well. Research it so you have an idea of what it's worth before the insurance company tells you. When I had my car wreck the insurance company sent me a list with what the same car was selling for from dealers & private owners, so there wasn't any room to argue. Make sure you list every option or little thing that your car has, though aftermarket accessories don't really count towards the value.

I keep a disposable camera in my car at all times just in case i get into an accident & need photographic evidence. It came in handy with my last accident. I was taking pictures before I even talked to the rear-ender.

There's no way his car could have hit you with more force than his car was hit with, if he is trying to say that he was rear-ended into you. So, the damage to his car's rear-end, if any, would have to be worse than the damage to the front of his car or the damage to the rear of your car. Also there would be transfer evidence (paint, concrete, etc.) if he backs his car up into a wall.

hairy pussy

When I first came out, the biggest battle that I felt I had to fight was the one against the argument that homosexuality is a personal choice. It now seems that more people are willing to agree that there is indeed NOT a choice when it comes to which sex one is attracted.

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