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April 19, 2005




All of them still sound better than Spring Break Shark Attack...

The flu script just needs a punchier name: Dire Rhea.


chase  hugstrom

you either have the worst job or the best game of beyond balderdash ever. also, i request a great big game of beyond balderdash before i move.



Dire Rhea. I love this one. I'm gonna make up a log line for it and post it in the kitchen. Title:DIRE RHEA. LOG LINE: Nurse Rhea Anderson skulks that halls of the Winterreed Convalescence Home at night injecting a circle of longlife friends with a formula that causes involuntary and permanent chronic bowel evacuations as revenge for tormenting her grandmother years before.

and yes Chase, Beyond Balderdash. Promise.


"I've got this really hilarious movie title I made up while I was baked out of my skull last night, now I just have to make a story for it. So, I know it's gonna be about the flu and a girl named Enza and that this Enza girl has to come into something."

Yeah. Heavy internal monologuing. Man, some people need to be put out of their misery.


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I passed on this next one awhile back, but I just HAVE to post it here.
5.) A woman grieving for her deceased daughter is haunted by the ghost of a child mistakenly buried alive during an early 20th century flu epidemic. (ok... the name of the ghost child in this script is ENZA. The title of the script was In Flew Enza. 'Nuff said.)

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