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July 28, 2005



Nice story, man. So far, you've been able to only talk about actors I'm fond of myself, so keep it up! ^_^

Anyway, is Minnie aces because she called WINONA a cunt, or just because of the way she did it?


I think it was just because she had the audacity to say 'cunt' at the table with a bunch of people she'd just met.

Bubba Jones

You are so making the Willem Dafoe story have totally lost your credibility....just like our Pres!

You said it was the Platoon guy!

How you forget as you age.

What do I name is Bubba!


Ok bubba... While you seem to know certain things about me, which obviously means that I must know who you are (and yes, it is perplexing), you're wrong about the "Platoon" thing. Definitely said "Last Temptation", otherwise the Jesus comment would have not made any sense at all.


Yeah, that's what I was thinking it might be, really. I just wanted to make sure. To see if you had some kind of built-up anger and hate towards Winona.

by the way, I almost wrote Rydinger as her last name, but figured that would be a bit TOO obscure an Incredibles reference, and I'd have to explain that I meant to write her name like that, but you wouldn't believe me, and I'd feverishly try to convince you, and then you'd start calling me names (spello-boy, Little Tubby Typo, etc.) and then I'd start crying and you'd all be like "woah." and I'd be all like "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and you'd be all like "You're such a little bitch, TypoTed." and I'd be all like "WWAAAAAAAAH!" and I'd punch one of you in the nose and run away screaming.

So I just figured it wasn't worth all the fuss.

Bubba Jones

Well you need to be more consistant then!

My name is Bubba!

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