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July 20, 2005



GOOD NEWS: Canada, the entire country, now supports gay marriage!


Congrats. Here's hoping it spreads southward.


That is SOME shit.
By the way, did you know my father works in Iran? It's sort of strange to see pictures and stories like that about a country I've been to. A country I've percieved, though it is wildly different from ours, as one filled with very curteous and interesting people. Sure, they've got their quirks, just like us, but they're fundamentally nice people.

That's what I think when I think about the people I've met, at least.

Then I see things like that, and I wonder; "Were any of the people I met and socialised with one of the onlookers rooting for the deaths of those poor kids that day? Was there a murderous bastard hiding behind that obliging smile? Those kindly eyes? Are they REALLY bastards, those people, or just very very misinformed?" and, finally "I wonder if there are really that many of the actual people who follow this sort of morbid thinking, or if the people themselves would rather that they were left in peace, or at least just given a slap across the face."

There's the whole idea of the brainwashing that has to be taken into consideration. These people are taught to hate and fear homosexuality. What would have to happen for their eyes to be opened? Would a change of government (however unlikely, as their elections are a travesty) be the answer? Possibly.

It's no secret that riots happen on a regular basis in Iran, that the people fight to regain the freedom they had before the revolution that happened what must seem like an eternity ago to them. I wonder if a new revolution will come, and whether it will change how the Iranian people view things like this.

I wonder if I'm making any sense at all.

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