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August 19, 2005



should u bee telling these stories ? mr bill might get mad?

Bubba Jones

This story has received the:


This story has been the same since the day it happened.

Unlike some of the others that were unable to meet the high standards to get the Bubba Stamp of Authenticity!


oh, now it's bubba time, so sorry


you all sucky suck long time, fags


Wow, this row of comments is like a giant gash of moronity (if that's even a word.).

I see we have a new "person" here.


well... Bubba's a bit of a mystery... he's someone who knows me but has chosen to remain somewhat anonymous until I figure out who he is. It's something of a game I think and I'm willing to wait it out. I figured I'd let the other comments represent whoever wrote them and let them speak for themself.


A wise choice, Kerry.

I forgot to tell you, though, that this was a great story. I can see it now, Bill Murray wrapping his arms around the hotel manager and jumping in the water. Not to mention the sight of you in all that smashed glass.
For a while there, I thought it was going to be about Bill not being able to swim, you know, with the elaborate escape routine and everything.

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