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August 24, 2005



Oh man! I need to see that film.

And, anyway, poor Aoki and Angry Asian, so hung up on being angry and annoyed. No time for just letting things flow and taking a joke for a joke.

She seems like the perfect comedian for me (that's right, I'm non-gender-specific! ^_^) as I was never very good at the whole propriety thing. Being proper is a pain. Being funny is fun.

Where am I going with this?

The American Mastodon

The best line in that blog post was when Angry Asian says, "It's this same attitude that allows racism towards Asians to continue unchecked in our society."

Unchecked racism towards Asians in our society. Right. Completely unchecked. Especially in California. Where no Asian can seem to get a fair deal.

I ask the people of America: check your unchecked racism of Asians at the door.

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