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October 12, 2005



Lincolnism for the win! I am the second Lincolnist. Do you swear me in or something?


I think, instead of a swearing in, all you have to do is go to a bad play and get shot in the head.

Deirdre' Straughan

I'm in!

Bubba Jones

I haven't heard about a Lincolnist in ages. They aren’t as easy to spot these days...seeing how they got rid of that requirement to grow a really big beard and wear one of those really tall top hats. Plus they don't live too long...seeing how they go get themselves shot and all.

The real question here is have you heard of a Bubbist practicing Bubbaism?

It’s really quite easy...
If you has to be Marlboro Reds.
If you drink has to be Jack Daniels.
If you drink must be Bud.
If you have a front must have a dog and an old refrigerator on it (couches are optional).
If you have a must be an American truck and your old one must be parked next to it even though you haven’t driven it in 8 years.

(Kerry...we would accept a Ford Escort but it must have a few dents.)

Forever and ever....Bubba-men!

What do I name is Bubba!

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