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October 17, 2005


The American Mastodon

I saw this film as well and thought it was great. I've never seen Kramer vs. Kramer, so this was the first time a film has really hit me, emotionally, dealing with the subject of divorce. I left feeling both glad that my parents are still together and living happy lives and also sort of frightened and mortified at the thought of "what if they hadn't/didn't?" - the fear of some fucked up parallel life where I became a mechanic and got a girl pregnant and am living some sad, disappointing life in the middle of Indiana somewhere.

I also thought the film was really funny - the Blue Velvet scene had me cracking up. I think it's just Baumbach's sensibility to find the humor in even the most fucked up of times.

And hopefully, too, you can find someday some resolution regarding how you feel about your parents, your childhood, all that shit. I'm not sure any of us ever do, though.

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