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December 08, 2005



Hee hee. That straight dude's guide was entertaining. So was the original story you linked me to. Well, entertaining in a totally depressive way, but still.

I'm rottin' for ya, buddy. You could always TELL people it's just arse or penis. Better yet, tell 'em the doctors had to take it from a place that had a lot of spare flesh, so your penis was the most suitable place, since there's enough meat there to feed the entire male cast of any Cats production. Yes, I've seen it. In New York, even. Those guys were SO gay. ^_^

Oh, and I wanted to say about your picture of the lip an' stuff that it doesn't really look that bad to me. I think you look fine. You face at large hasn't been contorted or anything, so you're still my pretty boy.

Oooh! And I wanted to ask you... Did the dog snap aggressively, or was it an accident? Or is that something I shouldn't be asking?

I'll shut up now.

chase  hugstrom

good luck with the surgery. i'm very glad that you were not seriously injured by the dog, like the he didn't get the throat or the groin.


Good luck, man.

Tom Coates

Thinking of you regularly. Keep your chin up. I'll be over in March to check up on you.

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