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January 31, 2008



Isn't this the most exciting presidential campaign in our lifetime?
It's amazing!

I found that history may be repeating itself, only stronger. A little known fact here is that Victoria Woodhull, a famous suffragette, had received the nomination of the Equal Rights Party in 1872. Her running partner was none other than Frederick Douglass, the former slave and famous abolitionist. (White woman, black man)

I wonder if this will be the case this year, in reverse? Time will tell.

My prediction about Huckabee is off by a long shot, which makes this process more of a thrill for me, to be sure. The status quo is rocking my friend!


Sorry Barack Hussein Obama didn't win California.


Hey hrc, No need to feel sorry. We did WAY better than we originally thought we might and picked up more delegates than we anticipated. (Out of 370, we got 163.) Thanks tho!


I checked the results on CNN's site just now, and it seems to me like Obama won the primaries for the democrats! Congrats, if I'm reading things correctly!

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