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February 29, 2008



Yup! I posted that very video on my Youtube channel right after I saw it. It's like she's been having a conversation with the two of us! ^_^

For a moment, I went "Why's she saying SHE'S not second-rate?! Why would sh- oh, right." I'd just forgotten about it, and that's what I like. Sexuality shouldn't be an issue on TV or anywhere else. People should just be people. Which is why I hope you get to make that film you told me about.

Anyway, are you coming to the post-wedding party on 8th of august?! Please, pretty please!!

Nick Samples

i dont know if this is ellen or one of her loving fans but please help me get a hold of ellen to tell her about what a wonderful mother i have please write me back with ellens Email adress


Hey Nick, Go here:

Scroll down the page and you'll see a link titled "Dear Ellen"


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