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May 11, 2009


Shelly counselor told us that incest was okay back then.

"They were allowed to have incestuous relations just like Ptolomy and his Dynasty." ROFL! "Even God Himself allowed Lot and his daughter to be saved from Sodom and Gomorrah and they promptly got drunk and had daughter/father incestuous sex and begot sons from that union."

Well, then, there's the proof I suppose. LOL

My 12 year old thinks we all evolved from apes and Adam and Eve were the first "real" humans. *sigh*

All I know is that I either have to believe that we all come from a God that is located in some other dimension beyond our understanding or physical world


There was nothing, and nothing exploded, and nothing laid around so long that it began to live.

I choose to believe that There is a God who is not exactly physical but beyond our physical world.

I also choose to believe that religion is not a tool to beat people over the head with just because we "think" we know what it "right."

Yes, I'm that kind of crazy.

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